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Can prefab houses be without foundations?

Well-made foundations, whether they are intended for a traditionally built home or in the case of a prefabricated house, are an absolute priority. Prefabricated houses require strong foundations. Additionally, foundations are crucial for insulation and partly for the installation that needs to pass through them. By neglecting foundations, you risk the structural integrity of the entire building and affect its longevity.

Permits for a prefabricated house and differences compared to a mobile one.

If a structure needs to be built and it is permanent, regardless of whether it has a foundation or not, it requires a building permit. Furthermore, for prefabricated houses, a standard design is required, which differs from the main architectural project in that it does not define the construction conditions at a specific location.

On the other hand, houses that lack foundations, i.e., those placed on wooden beams or wheels, do not require a building permit. The difference compared to prefabricated houses lies in the fact that mobile homes are not attached to the ground, meaning they are not built in place, and unlike prefabricated homes, they can be moved from one location to another.


Although it is not defined by law, a foundation for a prefabricated house is essential when discussing its construction. Apart from providing better structural integrity for the entire house, foundations are crucial for insulation.

Primarily, this refers to thermal insulation, protection against moisture, as well as various pests and insects. One of the requirements set by the law, crucial in the context of deciding whether to build foundations or not, is the mechanical resistance and stability of the structure.

To achieve this, constructing foundations is necessary, which we strongly recommend.